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Auto Eddy Board-MB

Paul Welka
I installed two of these auto-eddy boards in my Monster Bash over a year ago. They are fantastic. Phantom Flip works perfectly EVERY TIME....


Bill Clement
Very nice and comprehensive kit. pieces for all of the plastics that are in harm's way. Two thumbs up!...

AC/DC Thunderbolt Flashers

Peter Alberico
I'm not one for writing reviews but just had to after installing these lightning bolt flashers on my AC/DC Pro. Stunning light display and spectacular , quality item and well worth the money . Hands down the best mod for your AC/DC pinball . Due yourself a favour , you won't be disappointed ....

Twilight Zone Plastic Protectors

Bill Clement
Just got my Twilight Zone plastic protectors and ROM. Installed quickly and easily. Perfect fit as always and incredibly fast shipping! Great job as usual Pinbits!...

AFM Strobe Triac, optoisolator and Diode Kit and more

Paul Welka
I installed this repair kit along with the Pinbits Enhanced Strobe Tube assembly to repair a dead strobe in my Attack from Mars over 7 years ago. Yes, that's right, 7 years! I could tell this was a high quality kit when I installed it. It did the trick. More importantly, it still works perfectly today, flashing just as bright as the day I installed it. Well done!...

the Walking Dead Plastic Protectors

Bill Clement
As with each of my pins, I order 'em as soon as I order the pin. It only makes sense since you can't buy replacement plastics from the manufacturer unless you buy the whole set at over $100. Pinbits replaces the broken ones for free forever. Couldn't ask for anything more. The TWD set fit perfectly and works as advertised....

Iron Man Plastic Protectors

Bill Clement
Very happy with this set. They are a bit larger than the pieces that they are protecting, well made and precision cut. Would definitely buy for any pin I own....

Star Trek LE Plastic Protectors

Bill Clement
Very happy with this set. They are a bit larger than the pieces that they are protecting, well made and precision cut. Would definitely buy for any pin I own....

Creature KISS ball deflector repl. 10706

Paul Welka
It took 11 years for me to realize that the K.I.S.S. deflector scoop was missing entirely in my game (except for a remnant of metal still attached to the bottom of the playfield). In the process of restoring my game, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Pinbits carries an upgraded version of this impossible-to-find part! It arrived quickly, in scratch-free, pristine condition (protected with cling-on plastic) and it fits perfectly. Even if you have a Mantis protector installed, which protects three edges, you still need this scoop, otherwise the unprotected edge of the K.I.S.S. hole will get chewed up....

AC/DC Thunderbolt Flashers

Paul Edmonds Jr
Don't heistate, these bolts are awesome. GREAT product and service!

Stern New Backbox ColorDMD Adpter

David Cole
Install went fine except the new ColorDMDs have a different back plate to that in the tutorial photos. As a consequence, it is not possible to use the two white plastic cable clips as there is no room.
Also, in order to prevent any accidental scratches of the screen from the 2 centre fixed screws, i placed a SuperBand mini post 23/64 with the rounded end up (towards the screen) on both screws. There is still clearance as well as piece of mind....

AC/DC Thunderbolt Flashers

Adam Knudsen
Before, i had trouble to notice when the original thunderbolt was flashing, with these
Thunderbolt flasher you will blank your memory like M.I.B, awesome!...

AC/DC Thunderbolt Flashers

Ben Patrick
The bolts are just a smidge bigger then the originals. Nice mirror edges I didn't expect to see around the bolts as well. They are super bright as they should be. The only drawl back if you want to call it that is the mount is backward from the original. It gives a nice finished effect, so you are not looking at a screw, but makes screwing them in a bit more difficult, which really its not bad at all....

STTNG Extended Exit Lane Ball Guides-Plastic

Dale Nagy
These are very easy to install, great improvement on game play. I would recommend this modification to players at all skill levels....

Indiana Jones Plastic Guards (11 piece set)

Theo Vervloet
Orderd 24-12-11; today deliverd (Netherlands). Great protectors and great service!

Thank you!!

Theater of Magic Auto Eddy Board- OUTLANE

John Reinhart
An incredible invention that works excellent. Every time I playd TOM I battled constant adjustments to the stock board, I installed this little jewel and have not had a problem since. Thanks alot!!...

MindOrbit Mods Lighted Shooter Rod - Pearlescent Slow

terry molloy

Theatre of Magic Auto Eddy Board - TRUNK

Bob Schwarzmann
It works fantastic but it is physically larger than the original board. It is very difficult to fit the larger size board on the bottom of the playfield and still have access to it and the other nearby components. Not sure why it couldn't be made to be the same size as the original....

Data East Plastic DMD Cover - RED

Blair Talbot
The GnR red DMD cover is worth every cent IMHO. Very easy to install and looks better than expected. The display, even though it is new, actually looks sharper again behind the cover which has hidden some of the marks on the original clear cover. One of the cheapest, easiest and better looking mods for the GnR machine.

Congrats on another great product Pinbits....

Theater of Magic Auto Eddy Board- OUTLANE

daniel j coyle
i bought 3 for roadshow, what a difference, no more adjusting and easy installation. thanks again for your great customer service....

Ball Trough Magnetic Jam Protector

Andre Huijts
The best ideas are really simple. This is brilliant in it's simplicity. It works great in my JD. Although I sanded out the dents in the trough I still didn't like it plus this reduced the wear on the balls. Installing it couldn't be simpler and it stays in place without any problem. I have no idea what the magnetic function is because Pinbits was regretfully out of the chromium balls at the moment I ordered, but even when you don't consider that, this is definitely worth it's money....

Judge Dredd Deadworld Locking Mod Kit - Orange Ring

Andre Huijts
Top notch quality ! It looks great and EVERY Judge Dredd should have this mod !!!! It makes the machine SO much more fun. The brilliant thing about this kit is that you DON'T need to modify any hardware.
Everything is very well packed. There is no installation manual included though, but it's very simple indeed. Simply replace the ring, remove the EPROM from the CPU board and insert the L1AT version in this kit.
That's it ! Totally recommended ! Thanks Pinbits for making this possible !

There's really only one (minor) drawback: the machine will be permanently on free-play. Of course no issue for home use....

Theater of Magic Auto Eddy Board- OUTLANE

David Gill
Terrific product Installed both boards in about 30 minutes. This replacement board is slightly larger so you will need to drill some new holes. No more constant auto-adjusting with this board. Topped off with terrific customer service. You can't go wrong with pinbits....

Cliffy STTNG Protector: The Neutral Zone

William Colli Jr
Great item and truely protects the playing field from future damages.

Theater of Magic Auto Eddy Board- OUTLANE

karel debouvry
Just perfect! No more adjusting and always a perfect result! thank you Pinbits.
I havent given this product a 5 star ranking because it is a bit larger then the original boards so you need to drill some extra holes under the playfield to install them.

But the result is AWSOME!...

Theatre of Magic Auto Eddy Board - TRUNK

karel debouvry
Just perfect! No more adjusting and always a perfect result! thank you Pinbits.
I havent given this product a 5 star ranking because it is a bit larger then the original boards so you need to drill some extra holes under the playfield to install them.

But the result is AWSOME!...


Richard Burnham
Hello Pam and Martin. The Cliffy that I ordered last year is still out of stock. I will take a used, slightly damaged or even an unboxed one if you can spare him. No gameroom would be complete without one and my wife is gettin' impatient.



Steve Faith
The world needs more Cliffies. I hope these come back in stock soon. Will we see some Martins or Pams in the store soon as well? They are equally as awesome....

Spiderman plastic guards - With blue webbing

Dan Horne
The guards with the blue webbing look fantastic.
Very easy to install.
Highly recommended add on.

STTNG Extended Exit Lane Ball Guides-Plastic

Leigh Harrington
Agree with the others, these extensions make the right drain so much fairer.
No longer during the final frontier, that tou lose four balls to the old lane.
With mine, i kept the original stainless guide and found that the clear extended fits below it, so its a win win all around....

Pressless Riveting Kit

Marc Cohen
Got this kit to do the various signs on Whitewater. Excellent kit and highly recommended. Easy to use on flat plastics. The shape of the boulders and mountain ranges did make it rather tricky to find a suitable base to rest on. I had to use the corner edge of a desk. Two pairs of hands was needed for these bits - one to hold the boulder and sign steady on the corner and the other to hold the tool and hit it.

Delivery was very quick - overseas to the UK in just 4 days! Don't let the shipping cost put you off as the guys at Pinbits gave me a very substantial rebate once the final shipping was worked out!...

STTNG Extended Exit Lane Ball Guides-Plastic

Chris Warren
These work great. Machine right side drain is much more "fair" now. Left side never really was a problem, but these lane extenders are a must have. I've played many games on them and they seem to be very durable!...

Pressless Riveting Kit

Edd Cramer
I used the kit to install the skip ramp flap on Revenge From Mars which takes a lot of abuse. The Kit was very easy and quick to use and the finished installation looks completely stock. The Rivets are as strong as pressed and have held up very well. they will most likely out last the ramp. Its a must have for your tool box....

Twilight Zone Gumball Lamp Kit

Robert Sztogryn
THE BEST!!! Installation guide explains it all, easy to install and the result is fantastic. Your TZ experience is not complete unless you buy this....

Theater of Magic Auto Eddy Board- OUTLANE

julian hoddy
if you have a ToM machine, get these! my magnasaves were going out of calibration constantly. easily replaced them with these auto models and it's all fine now. brilliant solution!...


Beriah Osorio
Cliffy sold out?!?!?! To whom and when?!?!? BOO! ;-)

STTNG Extended Exit Lane Ball Guides- Stainless Steel

john bitz
These make your STTNG much more even on outlane drains.I highly recommend these professionally made guides.It will make your swearing levels go down while playing this game....

Pressless Riveting Kit

Shawn Mazur
I used this to hold some plastics on Wh2o boulders and it worked absolutely great.

Pressless Riveting Kit

Michael Kuehne
The kit works perfectly and is easy to use. And your service is outstanding, thank you.

Theater of Magic Auto Eddy Board- OUTLANE

Richard Nagle
FANTASTIC! I've been waiting for this! It works flawlessly! Now my Theatre of Magic also works perfectly - every time! No more adjusting the old eddy boards before company comes over, and no more need for explaining why the feature doesn't work. THANK YOU!!!!!! P.S. Pinbits also has GREAT Customer Service for dummies like me! THANKS AGAIN!...

Ripleys Believe it or Not - Sling Shot Guards

Richard Champlin
Perfect sling shot guards for RBION. They even have the ball drop semi-circle cut out for the ramp ball return to the left sling inlane. Custom fit and great looks, what more can you ask for......

Twilight Zone Gumball Lamp Kit

John Reinhart
Great product, excellent support, and super fast shipping. This mod makes the TZ look so much better it's unreal! Thanks alot!...

Spiderman plastic guards

Alex Allen
Great protector set! Nice quality, good clarity and smooth edges make this a should-have... the addition of the webbing makes this a must-have!...

STTNG Extended Exit Lane Ball Guides-Plastic

Todd Carter
Installed Martin's extensions and have been quite happy with the way the game plays now. You still get the drains just not as frequent, exactly what this game needed. Just the right amount of extension to help the game play feel fair. Installation takes about 10 mins,is quite simple and look great. Have played around 100 games since installed and they are holding up just great, no cracks or warps....

Twilight Zone Gumball Lamp Kit

Jaime Pulaski
Excellent! EASY! Looks GREAT! I replaced one I had bought somewhere else. No contest.

Medieval Madness Troll Eyes Parts Kit

Jaime Pulaski
This is a great kit for anyone. The online instructions are excellent, even for a novice with high resolutions photos to follow....

Twilight Zone Gumball Lamp Kit

Jon Hall
A very nice add-on. Fairly easy to install - make sure to follow the link on the site to the instructions.(A note of the HTML link is now included with the kit.) In normal play it lightens up the dark corner the Gumball machine sits in, when the gumball is active the red flashing lights really look good and make it easier to see what you are supposed to be doing. I have had my TZ for over 10 years - I should have bought this kit earlier! Recommended...

Attack from Mars Plastic Protectors

Beriah Osorio
Installed with ease, nice finished edges, centered nicely and drilled properly. I didn't have to break out the drill/bench grinder like I've had to with some protectors in the past....


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