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Star Trek LE Plastic Protectors

Bill Clement
Very happy with this set. They are a bit larger than the pieces that they are protecting, well made and precision cut. Would definitely buy for any pin I own....

Creature KISS ball deflector repl. 10706

Paul Welka
It took 11 years for me to realize that the K.I.S.S. deflector scoop was missing entirely in my game (except for a remnant of metal still attached to the bottom of the playfield). In the process of restoring my game, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Pinbits carries an upgraded version of this impossible-to-find part! It arrived quickly, in scratch-free, pristine condition (protected with cling-on plastic) and it fits perfectly. Even if you have a Mantis protector installed, which protects three edges, you still need this scoop, otherwise the unprotected edge of the K.I.S.S. hole will get chewed up....

AC/DC Thunderbolt Flashers

Paul Edmonds Jr
Don't heistate, these bolts are awesome. GREAT product and service!

Stern New Backbox ColorDMD Adpter

David Cole
Install went fine except the new ColorDMDs have a different back plate to that in the tutorial photos. As a consequence, it is not possible to use the two white plastic cable clips as there is no room.
Also, in order to prevent any accidental scratches of the screen from the 2 centre fixed screws, i placed a SuperBand mini post 23/64 with the rounded end up (towards the screen) on both screws. There is still clearance as well as piece of mind....

AC/DC Thunderbolt Flashers

Adam Knudsen
Before, i had trouble to notice when the original thunderbolt was flashing, with these
Thunderbolt flasher you will blank your memory like M.I.B, awesome!...

AC/DC Thunderbolt Flashers

Ben Patrick
The bolts are just a smidge bigger then the originals. Nice mirror edges I didn't expect to see around the bolts as well. They are super bright as they should be. The only drawl back if you want to call it that is the mount is backward from the original. It gives a nice finished effect, so you are not looking at a screw, but makes screwing them in a bit more difficult, which really its not bad at all....


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