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Metallica Fuel Lights


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Product contains five LED boards
Installed on LE or Premium only.

This set of five lights acts as a replacement on your Premium or LE Metallica for the lights on the "Fuel Gauge".

Each light is color coordinated with a position on the "fuel gauge" bringing your "fuel gauge" to life! Starting from the left (Empty) the lights in order are Red, Orange, Yellow, White, and Green (Full).

The boards are designed to work with the Stern constant current LED system. They will not be reliable in other applications.


Important: installation requires soldering. It isn't too hard, and it is helpful to have an assistant.

Pictures are here.

1) Melt two good-sized blobs of solder onto the two tabs on the rear of the LED boards. This leaves enough solder and flux to make the joint easy, without adding more solder.

2) Unscrew the LED board from the machine. Note which side the wires come from. Desolder the two wires. Note that the pair of wires goes to the middle terminal, and the single wire to the end terminal. Put the removed board in the coin drawer.

3) Solder the wires to the new board. Double wire to the middle tab, and the single wire to the end tab. Lay them in from the same side. The soldering is easier if you have someone helping you.

4) Turn the machine on, the LED should start flashing. If not, check soldering and wiring.

5) Repeat for the other two LED boards.

  • Model: METFLB
  • Shipping Weight: 0.3lbs
  • Manufactured by: Pinbits

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