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Theater of Magic Auto Eddy Board- OUTLANE


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If your Theater of Magic often fails to save the ball form the outlanes, or requires frequent adjustment, a pair of these boards could solve your problem.

This replacement board has a smart microcontroller that eliminates the need to adjust the sensor.The auto set system precisely calibrates the board at every power up, and allows for maximum sensitivity. Unlike a pot-based system, it can accomodate changes in system characteristics over time without intervention.

This board is not compatable with the trunk eddy board; it does not work on the trunk.  It does work great on the outlanes.

Price is per each board, each outlane requires a separate board.


This board also is compatable with ST:TNG although there is no auto function, just normal sensor function.




  • Model: TOM AEB
  • Shipping Weight: 0.01lbs
  • Manufactured by: Pinbits


John Reinhart
5 of 5 Stars
An incredible invention that works excellent. Every time I playd TOM I battled constant adjustments to the stock board, I installed this little jewel and have not had a problem since. Thanks alot!!
daniel j coyle
5 of 5 Stars
i bought 3 for roadshow, what a difference, no more adjusting and easy installation. thanks again for your great customer service.
David Gill
4 of 5 Stars
Terrific product Installed both boards in about 30 minutes. This replacement board is slightly larger so you will need to drill some new holes. No more constant auto-adjusting with this board. Topped off with terrific customer service. You can't go wrong with pinbits.
karel debouvry
4 of 5 Stars
Just perfect! No more adjusting and always a perfect result! thank you Pinbits. I havent given this product a 5 star ranking because it is a bit larger then the original boards so you need to drill some extra holes under the playfield to install them. But the result is AWSOME!
julian hoddy
5 of 5 Stars
if you have a ToM machine, get these! my magnasaves were going out of calibration constantly. easily replaced them with these auto models and it's all fine now. brilliant solution!
Richard Nagle
5 of 5 Stars
FANTASTIC! I've been waiting for this! It works flawlessly! Now my Theatre of Magic also works perfectly - every time! No more adjusting the old eddy boards before company comes over, and no more need for explaining why the feature doesn't work. THANK YOU!!!!!! P.S. Pinbits also has GREAT Customer Service for dummies like me! THANKS AGAIN!

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