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Stern New Backbox ColorDMD Adpter


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This kit adapts a ColorDMD display to the new Stern metal speaker panel. It is made from Delrin, a tough, stiff plastic. 

You may also need a clear display cover - unless you plan on setting the ColorDMD to red. . 
Install Note (click for pictures)
1) Remove the existing DMD. Replace the window with a clear or blue window. The blue window gives better contrast, but the display is less bright. So clear is your best choice.
2) Reassemble the spacers and nuts to the fixed studs. Put the wiring clip between the nut and the spacer on the lower stud, to  hold the wiring loom.
3) Assemble the long adapters to the spacers and screws at the sides of the DMD. The end with two holes should be at the top. Place the other two wiring clips between the nuts and the spacer. Tighten everything down, and tuck the wiring into the clips.
4) Take your color DMD, and assemble the four spacers to the matching holes. Drive the screws through until they grip the plastic and the tips show through.
6) Carefully place the display onto the adapters. The screw tips should align with the holes, and prevent the display from sliding around. 
7) Start to tighten one of the screws. It will cut into  the spacer and bracket, forming its own threads. Make sure that the bracket and spacer remain in contact.
8) Connect the ground strap. Use a speaker nut, unless you are using thick inserts - in which case, use one of the display studs.
9) Move to a screw on the opposite corner. Tighten this one all the way down. 
10) Repeat until all 8 screws are in place. Everything should feel tight and look aligned.
11) Get the STLE ColorDMD update that has the pixels aligned for this panel.
This kit is for the ColorDMD as sold here: http://shop.colordmd.com/
  • Model: STCDMD
  • Shipping Weight: 0.3lbs
  • Manufactured by: Pinbits

David Cole
5 of 5 Stars
Install went fine except the new ColorDMDs have a different back plate to that in the tutorial photos. As a consequence, it is not possible to use the two white plastic cable clips as there is no room. Also, in order to prevent any accidental scratches of the screen from the 2 centre fixed screws, i placed a SuperBand mini post 23/64 with the rounded end up (towards the screen) on both screws. There is still clearance as well as piece of mind.