WW Plastic Guard Kit - RGP Special


A set of nine guards that sit undeneath vulnerable plastics. These guards reinforce against ball strikes. Some also extend beyond the borders of the plastics, keeping the ball well away from sensitive edges. The set includes two reinforcing guards for the signs, and a custom pressless rivet kit to make it easy to install the sign guards. (and yes, we need to take a new picture with all 9 in it). You can see the set with the corresponding plastics here. The missing piece is under the long skinny plastic with the "right ramp advances target value" sign.

These guards are made from impact resistant PETG plastic and will not break from ball strikes. Product ships with blue protective film, remove for installation. 

Our guards are designed by building a CAD model of the original part, and then precisely extending the edges at risk points. We test our products for installation, appearance, fit and play. This approach takes more time, but gives a premium quality result that distinguishes Pinbits products from others.

We offer an unconditional warranty on our products.

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  • Model: WWPG
  • Manufactured by: Pinbits

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